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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent increase in demand for PPE, the market is now flooded with suppliers offering non-compliant and falsely certified products. 


You can identify non-compliant or falsely certified products by: 


  • Requesting supporting documentation - A CE certificate confirms a product meets all the safety requirements in the relevant directives. It is compulsory for all PPE products in the UK market. An EU Declaration of Conformity confirms a product complies with all the requirements of the relevant legislation. For PPE products, the legislation is PPE Regulation 2016/425. 

  • Ensuring documents are are genuine and not falsified - You can confirm the authenticity of a CE certificate by contacting the named notified body. You can find a full list of notified bodies at To confirm the authenticity of a Declaration of Conformity, you can contact the manufacturer, distributor or relevant surveillance body.


We have strong relationships with our suppliers and have done for over ten years, so we can offer the reassurance and guarantee our products are safe and certified.

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