IIR 3-Ply face masks

IIR 3-Ply face masks

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IIR 3-ply face masks are fluid resistant, have a bacterial filtration efficiency of 98% and offer 3 layers of protection: 


  • Outer Layer - Polypropylene Non-Woven Fabric 
  • Middle Layer - High Efficiency Melt Blown
  • Inner Layer - Soft and Skin Friendly Non-Woven Fabric


All products are CE and FDA certified.


How to Safely Use a Face Mask 


  • Before touching the mask, clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser 
  • Cover your mouth and nose with the mask, ensuring there are no gaps between your face and the mask
  • Avoid touching the mask when wearing it - clean your hands if you do touch it 
  • When removing the mask, do not touch the front of the mask (remove it from behind) and clean your hands immediately after