The Latest National Rules

We know that the world is a crazy place right now for you and your staff. Especially with the rules changing each week. I wanted to create a post to provide you with all the up to date rules and regulations that you and your business will have to follow.. Please consider that the rules are subject to change, so make sure that you keep up to date with the Government guidelines. These are the latest National rules;

Face Coverings

  • Customers in private hire vehicles and taxis must wear face coverings (from 23 September).

  • Customers in hospitality venues must wear face coverings, except when seated at a table to eat or drink. Staff in hospitality and retail are now required to wear face coverings (from 24 September)

  • People who are already exempt from the existing face-covering obligations will continue to be exempt

  • Guidance stating that face coverings and visors should be worn in close contact services is now law (from 24 September). 

Working from home

  • Office workers who can work effectively from home should do so over the winter.

  • Where an employer, in consultation with their employee, judges an employee can carry out their normal duties from home they should do so.

  • Public sector employees working in essential services, including education settings, should continue to go into work where necessary.

  • Anyone else who cannot work from home should go to their place of work.


  • Businesses selling food or drink. Must be closed between 10 pm and 5 am. This will include takeaways but delivery services can continue after 10 pm (from 24 September).

  • In licensed premises, food and drink must be ordered from, and served at, a table.

  • Businesses will need to display the official NHS QR code posters so that customers can ‘check-in’ at different premises using this option as an alternative to providing their contact details by using the NHS COVID-19 app (from 24 September).

  • businesses and organisations face stricter rules to make their premises COVID Secure (from 28 September):

  • Employers must not knowingly ask someone who is being required to self-isolate to come to work.

  • Businesses must remind people to wear face coverings where mandated.

This is the latest update on the government's new rules around Covid-19. Hopefully, this helps and we will bring you the newest updates every week. Should you require any PPE equipment, we offer a range of products on our website. website. All PPE products are CE-certified so you can be confident that they are keeping you, your staff and your customers safe. If you have any questions please email See you next week with more updates! Josh 

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